Metro Detroit woman says probate guardianship case is tearing family apart

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Total strangers – lawyers who double as public officials – are taking over the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our community – senior citizens and others who are disabled.
Several Metro Detroit families say they’ve now lost all control over their parents’ health care decisions and their finances.
 911 Call: “911 what’s your emergency?  Yes, my dad fell out of bed.”
At least 37 calls to 911 in just 10 months.
911 CALL:  “I need you to stop yelling! I need you to stop… Mom, be quiet” Operator: “911 where is your emergency?  West Bloomfield.”
Mila Kapusta says those are the kinds of emergency calls that have been made from her parents West Bloomfield condo, ever since a court-appointed guardian took over their lives.
“I really can’t talk about it, because I will break down.  It’s hard to watch your loved ones suffer.  That’s the hardest thing,” said Kapusta.
Mila’s father, Milan, is 94, and her mom, Janet is 93. 
Mila tells the 7 Investigators that they both have dementia and need round-the-clock care, which she was helping to provide until she says one of her sisters locked Mila out of the house.   Mila says she suspected abuse and went to Oakland County’s Probate Court.
“We noticed that my father had a pressure sore.   And my parents were sleeping in their own urine,” said Mila.  She says she wanted to take over the caregiving for her parents, but instead the judge created a visitation schedule for all four siblings.  Now Mila is only allowed to see her parents three days a week.
During that November 23, 2016 court hearing, Oakland County Probate Judge Daniel A. O’Brien said on the record, “I’m appointing a public administrator, Barbara Andruccioli” as Milan and Janet Kapp’s guardian and conservator.  That means the Kemp Klein attorney had total control over their lives, including their health and their money. 
“Things went downhill from there,” said Mila.
By David Disponett on 10/20/2017 11:00 AM
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